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Chronos Pump Controller
Chronos Pump Controller
Chronos Pump Controller

Chronos Pump Controller

Dosed applications made easy



The Chronos Pump Controller is ideal for any application with asymmetric cycle times, such as filter backwashing or chemical dosing.

Built with rugged conditions in mind, the Chronos regulates water flow for process plant applications.

Easy to use and install, this ultra-durable, weatherproof unit can be expected to go the distance for many years.

Chronos Pump Controller
Chronos Pump Controller
Chronos Pump Controller

Key Features

Enjoy complete control over pump operation.

See Your Operational Status

PCB-mounted LEDs let you see at a glance what’s on: power, start/stop and high level. We’ve engineered our indicator lights to be bright yet low-powered – saving more juice for the job and making the unit economical to run.

Chronos Pump Controller

Easy to Install, Access and Use

Quick installation: Flanged box for easy post or wall mounting
User-friendly: Easily view and set status
Practical: Rated to 10 amp – ideal for agricultural and industrial use
Flexible: Allows for wide range of time settings

How it Works

Set ON and OFF times to activate flow output on your schedule. When your start/stop float is activated, the controller automatically powers the pump based on its timer settings.

To bypass the timer and power the pump, simply connect the timer override input to a high-level float or similar.

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Technical Features

Fit for purpose and built to last.

Programmable ON and OFF settings from 1 second to 999:59 minutes

LCD screen shows active countdown – see how long until the pump comes on again

10A plug socket or terminal connections for power supply, timer start input and timer override input

*Download includes full specifications of the Chronos Pump Controller