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Our pump controls are fit for purpose and built to last, like everything we do.

Stumped by the pump control solutions available – they were either too basic, too complex, or didn’t exist at all – N2P process engineer Niki Johnstone decided to build his own.

The result is N2P’s Pump Controller series, built to solve the problems users often have but, until now, went unaddressed.

Only want to be notified of a high tank level? No problem. Want to run two pumps on an asymmetrical schedule? We have the solution. Need to monitor multiple inputs in real-time? With N2P’s Pump Controller series, you can.

Functional and easy to install, N2P’s Pump Controllers offer integrated control and real-time alerts for any pumping application.

Each microprocessor-based unit integrates seamlessly with your existing pumps to make them more useful, from alerting you of the tank status to restricting your pump’s run time to a certain time of day.

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Mercury Pump Controller
Mercury Pump Controller

Offering advanced pump protection, the Mercury Pump Controller alerts you to a high level or current overload – typically a sign that your impeller is jammed or obstructed – preventing burnout and extending your pump’s life.

Genesis Pump Controller
Genesis Pump Controller

Our entry-level pump controller powers your pump and monitors your pump chamber to ensure optimal operation. Use it for farming, plumbing, drain-laying, floodwater removal and more.

Titan Pump Controller
Titan Pump Controller

Enjoy total control over pump operation, whether you need to pump at certain times or assign a backup in the event of pump failure. Ideal for dosed flow, low flow, dual pump operation and low-pressure systems like sewers.

Made local and always innovating

Our talented engineers develop solutions to match the needs of our customers and continually add new features to make our products even more useful. While our electrical components are sourced from around the world, all software and hardware design are done in-house, and our custom control units are made locally in our factory.