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Sentry Alarm Panel
Sentry Alarm Panel
Sentry Alarm Panel

Sentry Alarm Panel

See pump chamber status at a glance



Install this alarm panel within view of your workshop or office and enjoy peace of mind. Easily see the status of your pump chamber whenever you like.

A cost-effective alternative to our Guardian Pump Controller, the Sentry Alarm panel is ideal for domestic and commercial applications where monitoring pump station status is critical to operation.

Easy to use and install, this ultra-durable unit can be expected to go the distance for up to 15 years.

Sentry Alarm Panel
Sentry Alarm Panel
Sentry Alarm Panel

Key Features

Enjoy complete control over pump operation.

See Your Operational Status

Front-panel LEDs let you know system is fault-free and in good working order. If a fault occurs, an LED illuminates and a buzzer sounds. A mute button silences the alert while allowing the LED to remain lit.

Sentry Alarm Panel

Monitor What Matters

With the Sentry Alarm Panel, you can monitor:
Level states or alarms
Power outagesPump faults
Auxiliary equipment faults, e.g., UV or blocked filter

How it Works

Eliminating the need to continually check your pump, the Sentry Alarm Panel can be connected to any controller or device – even those not specific to fluid – with a voltage-free contact that closes on alarm.

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Technical Features

Fit for purpose and built to last.

Quick and easy to install: mounts to standard flush box

Wiring and installation manual included

Terminal connections for power supply and fault input

Serial number on each QA-approved unit

Add your company’s branding (optional)

Need more features, such as pump control options or SMS alerts? Check out the Guardian Pump Control unit.

*Download includes full specifications of the Sentry Alarm Panel