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Titan Pump Controller
Titan Pump Controller
Titan Pump Controller
Titan Pump Controller
Titan Pump Controller

Titan Pump Controller

Total flexibility for any pump application



Enjoy complete control over pump operation, whether you need to pump at certain times or assign a backup in the event of pump failure. Innovative yet user-friendly, the controller is suited to a variety of single and three-phase applications.

Easy to use and install, this ultra-durable, weatherproof unit can be expected to go the distance for many years.

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Titan Pump Controller
Titan Pump Controller
Titan Pump Controller
Titan Pump Controller
Titan Pump Controller

Key Features

Enjoy complete control over pump operation.

Set Your Operational Status

An LCD alarm panel shows pump status; any active alarms; and real-time voltage, current and analogue signal. A flashing red light indicates a pump or system fault.

Set your maximum current draw and program pump operation, including any timed operation; level faults; and duty, assist or standby control.

Monitor Your Water Level and Current 

Want to know when your tank is full or nearly empty? Or if your pump is possibly jammed? Pre-set your alerts to the level of your choosing, depending on your needs.

When your pre-selected level is reached, a buzzer sounds and a red indicator light flashes to alert you if your water level is too high or low, the pump is drawing excess current, or the voltage is too low (brownout). A mute button silences the alert but allows the light to continue flashing.

Mercury Pump Controller

Customise and Track Your Operating Parameters

Store key parameters for voltage, current, pump starts, totalised flow and pump runtime, and update values as desired. The universal pump controller records the maximum, minimum and average values of each as well as any alerts.

Connect up to 4 floats or an Analogue Level Sensor

Running pumps without their own float? Four inputs let you connect multiple floats for greater control over your hydraulic design. Set your floats’ stop/start levels wherever you like.

At high level, an alarm sounds and the pump starts, if not already running, to override a jammed start/stop float. Give your pump even greater protection with a low-level cut-out float. Or to set accurate levels for pump operation, use an analogue level sensor.

How it Works

Dose Flow: Built-in programmable ON/OFF times are ideal for regulating irrigation or waste water flow.

Duty, Assist or Standby: Operate two pumps, alternating the duty pump by time or number of pump starts. If the primary pump fails or can’t keep up with the incoming flow, the second pump starts operating.

Low Flow: A run window feature allows your pump to discharge during off-peak periods, such as the middle of the night.

Low-Pressure Systems: Safely manage low pressure pump operation in sewer networks. When the sewer line is full, the controller pauses the pump for a pre-programmed interval before restarting. Stagger pump starts after a general power outage using a delay start option.

Download Brochure

Technical Features

Fit for purpose and built to last.

Wiring and installation manual included

Terminal connections for power supply, pump supply, level sensor, flow meter and up to 4 floats / inputs

IP65-rated lockable enclosure made from UV-stabilised plastic

Power-isolating switch allows safe removal for servicing

Conduit or glands for electrical ducting installation

Serial number on each QA-approved unit

BMS output for SMS alert capabilities (optional)

Add your company’s branding (optional)

*Download includes full specifications of the Titan Pump Controller

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